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How to prepare your home for the cooler months

Written by Ashley Blake
With winter almost upon us, it means cooler and often wetter weather so it’s important to make sure your home is ready and prepared rather than waiting until it’s too late.

Clean out your gutters –
A no brainer, but something we are all guilty of forgetting and putting aside. As the trees lose their leaves, there is often extra leaves caught in the gutters and drains. When it rains the build up of leaves can block the drains, causing leaks and damage to your home. While you're cleaning the gutters, it's a good opportunity to looks for any cracks or holes as well.

Cover hard flooring –
Adding a rug for warmth if you have tiles or hardwood flooring is a great idea for winter and it can be easily removed in spring when the weather gets warmer. It also adds to the aesthetics of the room and makes it feel cosy and inviting.

Cover your windows –
Keeping your windows insulated with shutters, curtains or blinds will ensure more heat is kept in your home when it’s a rainy day or night time. If it’s a sunny day, open them up and let the natural sun light in to warm up your home.

Clean and replace air vents and filters –
When was the last time you did this? Probably not for a while! While you’re getting your home ready for winter, now is a great time to ensure all the air conditioning vents are clean before you turn up the heat.

Check smoke alarm batteries –
It’s vital to check your smoke alarm batteries regularly but coming into winter with the use of heaters and fires, it’s even more important.

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