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Getting your Home Ready for Summer

Written by Sarah Newton
Spring has sprung and the weather is getting warmer. As we begin to soak up the sun rays and December starts to approach, it's a good idea to start thinking how you can prepare your home for summer.

Check your Air Conditioning Unit and Clean the Fans
An Aussie summer can get pretty hot and if you have air conditioning, you will definitely want to use it to keep cool. Air conditioners should be checked annually to keep in good working order. You don't want to find out your air conditioning isn't working on a blazing hot day, so be prepared and ensure your air conditioning is running efficiently.

When it comes to fans, dust can become your worst enemy. Not only does it kill the efficiency of the fan, but being covered in dust from turning the fan on is also not ideal. The good news is, cleaning a ceiling fan can be pretty simple! A good tip is to slip a pillowcase over the blades and pull it off. Just like that, the dust is gone. You also want to make sure your ceiling fans are switched to anti-clockwise, so the air is pushing down and creating better circulation throughout your home.

Check your Grill
"I'll clean that later", is the usual phrase that goes along with cleaning the BBQ. Lift your BBQ lid and you will be surprised by the amount of grease and fat that has built up overtime. As summer is a great time to have a BBQ with your friends after a day of swimming, it might be a good idea to give it a clean.

Get a scraper and some degreaser, even remove the hotplates and wash them with some warm water and detergent, then you can continue to have sausage sandwiches all summer long.

Change your Sheets
As the weather warms up, we all start with the tossing and turning or sticking one leg out from the doona as we try to fall asleep. Get a better night's sleep by changing to lighter linen and staying cool all night long.

Switch up the Decor
Dark colours attract heat and can affect the temperature of your home. Substituting your decor during the summer months to lighter colours will help cool your house down. Consider changing decor items like your curtains.

Defrost the Fridge
In the hot weather you will want to keep the freezer stocked with ice blocks and you don't want to surrender any freezer space to any icy build up. Now is the perfect time to defrost your freezer in preparation for summer.

Start by removing those frozen steaks that have been sitting there for several months and then defrost the freezer completely. Defrosting your freezer won't just free space up, but will also allow for your freezer to operate more efficiently, saving money in the long run.

There are plenty of things to do in preparation for summer, so why not start now. There are always more things you can do beyond this list, but this is definitely a great starting point.

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