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Renting with Pets

Written by Sarah Newton
Are you struggling to rent a property because you have pets? We have some tips on how to find a pet friendly apartment and win over a prospective landlord.

1. Talk to your Agent
Even if a property says "no pets allowed", ask your property manager to talk to the landlord to see if they can adjust their answer based on the pet you have. Don't be afraid to ask because you will never know until you try.

2. Offer more rent
If you have found the perfect place to rent but they don't allow pets, offer another $10 per week of your rent. This could help convince the landlord to take your offer over other applications. However, this is no guarantee to getting approved for a property if the landlord is certain they don't want pets in their property.

3. Prepare pet references
Providing details and context of your pet to the prospective landlord could sway their opinion of no pets in their property.

Create a pet reference. In the reference include what type of pet you have (e.g. dog or cat), the breed of your pet, the pets age, temperament and vaccination history. Even add in an image of your pet to show how cute and friendly they are !

Another tip is if you have previously rented, get your previous property manager to give the new agent a reference. If your previous property manager experienced no problems with your pet in the property, this can be a great way to prove your pet will be no harm to the new property you are looking at.

4. Pets-eye view
Sometimes a landlord is right in not wanting pets in their property. If you think about it, is it really fair to keep your dog locked up in a one bedroom apartment with no backyard?

Search for properties that are not only suitable for you, but for your pets as well. By doing this, you will have a better chance in convincing a prospective landlord to allow you to have pets within the property.

5. Commit to clean
Offer to ensure all pet hair is removed and thoroughly cleaned before you leave the property. Even though you are already obligated to clean the property before you end a lease, providing further assurance and commitments to deep clean carpets, treat for fleas and deodorise might make the landlord feel at ease and allow pets in the property.

Whilst attempting to convince your prospective landlord to allow pets you must also consider that in some circumstances its not always up to the landlord. Strata and communal laws may prohibit or restrict animals in a property, even if the landlord is ok with pets. You must also remember to respect the landlords decision if they do not wish to have a pet in their property as it is ultimately their decision if not covered by Strata.

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