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How to make the most of your outdoor living space

Written by Jill Salazar
Outdoor living is a way of life for many Australians so it stands to reason that more and more homeowners and buyers are looking for ways to create outdoor living solutions as part of their home design. In fact, a recent survey overseen by the National Association of Home Builders found a nice outdoor living space was described by respondents as being desirable and essential.

Here are some suggestions about outdoor living and how to create desirable outdoor living solutions.

Why do you think outdoor living spaces are so important?

With our climate in Australia an inside living space is only one half of the equation. Getting out in to the clean air and enjoying the outdoors is part of our way of life and as such homeowners or potential owners are looking for some kind of outdoor living space.

We would say a lot of our owners find themselves spending more than 50% of their time outdoors if they do have good outdoor facilities be it alfresco, BBQ or pool areas.

What are buyers looking for in an outdoor space?

Namely good amenities. It doesn’t need to be a big space, in fact a lot of buyers don’t want a big space, but they do want good amenities like a gas fire, ample seating areas to entertain and some sort of cover in summer time.

Pools are popular depending on the owner’s stage of life. They are the greatest inbuilt babysitter when you have kids of a certain age but for those owners with teenagers, the attraction probably isn’t in the backyard any longer.

If you are thinking of selling your home and want to do up your outdoor living area, how would you go about that?

We would advocate the use of a designer. Get an expert in to plan out the space and layout. They will often know tips and tricks to fully utilise the space and a great design definitely will translate to a greater sales price!

That’s a perfect segway to the important question…will a good outdoor space make a difference to the bottom line ?


Top three tips to renovating outdoor living space:

1. Be aware: of what amenities you want to incorporate. Popular trends include fire pits, gas fires, cooking facilities, outdoor showers and small pools.

2. Be mindful: of the orientation and climate and design accordingly to protect the area from the elements. Make sure you use materials that can stand up to the weather conditions.

3. Engineer: a seamless flow from inside to out

SOURCE: Real Estate Results

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