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When to DIY and when not to

Written by Ashley Blake
Most people renovating are working to a strict budget, so DIY could be a good option. But which jobs should you leave to the pros?

What you should not DIY

There aren’t many DIY tiling jobs that turn out successful! Tiling in wet areas and ensuring the waterproofing is done correctly is no easy task! Whilst the result are usually passable, it’s far from the ultimate outcome.

There’s so much more to this trade than meets the eye and it is always recommended to hire a professional for any tiling job.

Electrical & plumbing
Tiling isn’t the only job that should be left to the pros. The fact that a tradesperson has spent four years learning their craft is probably a good indicator that you shouldn’t go there. You don’t know what you don’t know.

Not only is it dangerous if you don’t know what you are doing but it can be very costly as well fixing your mistakes!

Engaging the right design professional can be one of the best investments you can make in your home.

Where you might spend weeks or months agonising over the ultimate combination of materials, fixtures and colours, a design professional can make these calls in 1/16 of that time, backed by industry knowledge and with zero stress to you. Do yourself a favour.

What you should try DIY

No one likes painting but as long as you have the patience, the right tools and are willing to do the prep work, you can generally get a good result tackling this job yourself.

Curtains are certainly a DIY job. You can source your own fabric, curtain tape, hooks, brackets and rings and engage a local sewer to complete the job. This has the potential to costing half the price of engaging a curtain maker/supplier and this way you get exactly what you want.

Laying flooring
Like painting, laying floorboards really requires the right equipment and maybe a willing mate for extra labour.

Make sure you do your research (there’s a good chance your local large hardware store is running a workshop on the matter) and making sure you have a clean run of it.

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