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The Newton App

Written by Ashley Blake
Did you know…as of 2018 there are well over 7 billion (yes you heard that right) mobile devices being used around the world! With an astronomical number of mobile devices being used every second of the day, it’s no wonder Android users are able to choose from 1.5 millions Apps and Apple running in second largest with 1.4 million Apps available to users.

Smartphones have become such a big phenomenon around the world and it’s not just because they allow us to stay connected to everyone, but they provide us with so much information that otherwise wouldn’t be accessible to us.

The Newton App
With this in mind and the fact that people want information readily and easily available to them, our team have created our very own “Newton” app which is intended to help connect you with local businesses – one’s we have used and found helpful.

What’s in it for you?
The Newton Team are excited to promote our smartphone app which provides clients with our team’s preferred suppliers and trades contact details. The app also features discounts and special offers from local businesses which is an extra bonus! At Newton Real Estate we are dedicated to promoting local businesses and our app is the perfect way to share their contact details with our clients. We know how difficult it can be to select a tradesperson or home maintenance company when you haven’t had any previous dealings with them, the app takes this stress away! You can ask the experts from the Newton Team for local trades and contacts that all come highly recommended.

Download the app and receive discounts and more
The FREE App is available for download in your app store by searching for Newton Real Estate or you can simply download our app for iphones by clicking here and for androids by clicking here.

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