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Which rooms sell a house?

Written by Ashley Blake
Every agent you speak with will have their own opinion when asked which spaces sell a home. Kitchens and living rooms are always high on the list but outdoor living, master suites and bathrooms are seen as equally if not more important to many.

So how do you know where you should spend your time and resources when preparing your home to sell?

Whilst there may not be a definitive answer as to which rooms sell a house, there are a few clever tips you can utilise that will ensure your home is presented in the best possible light.

Market appeal
The starting point is to think about your target buyer. Consider their needs in a home and tailor your work to suit them. Are they a young family, elderly couple or empty-nesters? If you are trying to attract families, for example, is the outdoor space conducive to family living and is the kitchen big enough for a growing family?

Once you understand your market, you can start to create a list of what needs to be done to ready your home to sell in order to achieve maximum results.

Styling to sell
It pays to remember that styling for sale isn’t necessarily styling for living! I will give you permission to curse the impractical furniture positioning under your breath but remember that clever staging that opens up your living space could open up buyer’s wallets! You want to create the feel of an abundance of space so re-position your furniture and remove anything that is cluttering the area.

Neutral and natural
When selling a home it pays to keep everything as neutral as possible so potential buyers can easily see how they are going to make their mark on the property. A neutral palette, combined with natural light are a winning combination. The brightness of a room will open up any space and make it appear larger. And if your inner designer is just bursting to add some colour, introduce soft furnishings such as cushions, lamps, rugs, accessories and throws.

Don’t overdo it!
Remember the goal is to make your home look as fantastic as possible without wasting money, over investing, and ultimately creating a space that stands out among the rest of the properties in your neighbourhood.

If you’re stuck knowing whether or not to make changes stick to three rules:
1. Make a difference – only spend time and money on the things that make a difference to the resale value.
2. Consider potential buyers – they will look at the basic structure of the house, not your personal style!
3. Appeal to a broad market - great interior design won’t sell it if the house is falling apart. Ensure your home is clean, sound and neutral to appeal to the widest range of potential buyers.

Selling your house is a big undertaking. Putting energy and thought in to the selling process is a worthwhile investment. Speak to our team about further ideas and solutions that will help you maximise your homes sale potential.

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