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One Foot Forward - Update

Written by Sarah Newton


Did you know that 1 in 5 people experience symptoms of mental illness each year? In fact, every day in Australia, 8 people will die from suicide.

Mental illness can be debilitating and can have a devastating impact on not only those living with it, but those around them. Over October our office has been participating in a virtual walking challenge, hosted by the Black Dog Institute (BDI). So far we have raised $2,515 and walked 826km. As we continue to walk our raise through the month we thank those who have already donated to support such a great cause. If you can give any small donation it's not too late and it would be very much appreciated.

Donate Here

Thank you in advance for your support.

What is the Black Dog Institute
Black Dog Institute is the voice of mental health. Built on science, compassion and action, they take mental health science into a bright new era. When raising funds for the BDI, you’re helping fast-track mental health research and trials, supporting health professionals, policymakers and everyday Australians to make informed decisions about mental health. This linking of science and solution means the work we do can have an immediate effect in preventing and treating mental illness
in our entire community, and specifically, to those most vulnerable.

Mental Health and Australia
Some facts about Mental Health and why it's so important we do everything we can to help fund life-changing research into the prevention and treatment of mental illness.
- 1 in 5 people experience symptoms of mental illness each year
- 8 people in Australia die from suicide every day
- 60% of people living with mental illness will not seek help
- More people aged 15-44 die from suicide than cancer or road accidents
- 72% of males do not seek help for mental illness
- Indigenous people in Australia are twice as likely to die by suicide
- More than 2 million Australians suffer from anxiety


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