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Maintaining Indoor Plants

Written by Sarah Newton
Keeping indoor plants not only look good but makes us feel good too. The introduction of some greenery into your home can brighten up a room and add to the overall design. It is also known that indoor plants can boost your mood, productivity, concentration levels and overall mental health. With so many benefits to indoor plants we have formed some tips and tricks to ensure you are able to maintain them within your home and seek their benefits.

Look at the type of plants you will be able to look after. For example, if you are looking for a low maintenance plant we suggest a succulent as they don’t require much attention. If you are more adventurous, ferns or palms are also common plants to keep indoors and will thrive in the right conditions. Additionally, look into the benefits of each plant as it can range from aesthetics to improving air quality.

Potting Mixes
Not all indoor plants will require a potting mix and will be happy in the homes you purchase them in, however for larger plants it becomes more important. A premium potting mix is preferred to ensure your plants grow. Each plant will require slightly different potting mixes so ensure to do your research before going to the store.

If you aren’t sure, it is suggested to use a terracotta and pot mix as it is quite multipurpose and will suit most plants.

Not sure where to place your plant? Read the label! Most indoor plants will come with a guide on the label and will give you some great tips to be able to maintain your plant.
It is common that your plant will require ambient lighting. Although it seems like a good idea to place your plant by the window, it’s important to know most plants will die if positioned in front of direct lighting. – A good rule of thumb is, if you are comfortable in the sun so will your plant.

Don’t over-do it! Again, read the label on the plant for a guide on how much to water it.
A simple rule to remember is to only water your plant when the top 5cm of soil feel dry.

Usually indoor plants are sold in small containers and typically they can stay in these containers for some time. However if your plant is growing you will need to remove the plant from its old container/pot, slash the roots, place the plant into its new pot and then promote its growth by nourishing it with water.

Common Reasons for plants dying
Some of us struggle to keep our indoor plants alive, to avoid this try take the tips earlier into consideration. However in short, it could be due to overwatering, not enough light (or too much) and overall neglect.

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