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Enhance your wellbeing with your home

Written by Sarah Newton
The past year has dictated plenty of unprecedented changes in our daily routines. The biggest difference being the increased time we spend in our homes. Since the COVID-19 outbreak, over 50% of our workforce have been forced to relocate within their own homes. It has been predicted that even in a post COVID-19 world, we will continue to work this way by sharing an office space with our family and roommates. For this reason, it has become more important than ever to ensure your home is delivering a healthy environment to live and now work in. Here are some key ways to ensure you are able to maintain your wellbeing.

Natural lighting
A light and airy home is known to promote a strong sense of wellbeing. If you are working from home, the constant blue light can cause a strain on your eyes leading to many other symptoms. Often, resulting in a lack of concentration.
By opening windows and doors to encourage natural light and ventilation you will be able to promote a healthier home environment.

Ensuring your home is neat and tidy sets the tone for a clear and productive mindset. Some ways to ensure a clutter free home include things as simple as taking your shoes off at the front door. Not only does this eliminate unwanted bacteria into the home but also takes away the frustration of lost shoes.

A clean home is a happy home! Make sure to remove dust periodically with a cloth, vacuum or duster. Going over the television, any hard surfaces and flooring to eliminate dust in the air will improve overall wellbeing.

Similar to removing dust, you also need to remove mould. Mould can cause serious health issues if not attended to, so ensure to look out for any areas with moisture that could encourage mould growth.

Think Green
Indoor plants help to improve the air quality in your home. They are also a great mood booster as they add a natural element into your home. It is known that indoor plants can also reduce stress levels and increase your concentration skills through their natural aura.

Sleep Better
Your body needs to rest and repair after a long day. Most of us turn to our phones before we go to sleep. It’s a good idea to turn your mobile devices off at least an hour before bed to ensure a proper nights sleep.

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