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Keeping Cool this Summer

Written by Sarah Newton
There is nothing like an Australian summer with the sun shining and the perfect opportunity to spend the day at the beach. However, if you can’t spend your days lazing around and you are working from home we have some top tips to get you through the heat.

1.Turn off the lights
It is very surprising the difference this makes. This one simple change will not only decrease your electricity bill but keep the temperature of your home down. Consider all different heat sources such as lamps, power adapters, the television and any other electronic device.

2.Remove the heat yourself
By closing all the windows and the blinds in your home before the sun even has the chance to enter your property, the heat is more likely to stay out. You can also consider planting trees or tall hedges to block any sun you don’t want entering in your home all the time.

3.Air Conditioning
If you do have air conditioning, usually the first thing people want to do is turn the temperature down low when the heat rises. However, if you cool your home to 26 degrees it is more cost efficient and you will remain at a comfortable temperature.

4.Create air circulation
If you don’t want to have the added cost of an air conditioning unit, fans are a great alternative to think about.

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