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Does your backyard need some TLC?


It’s no secret, to landscape a backyard these days can almost cost an arm and leg! And while it is completely worth every cent to have the backyard and outdoor space you have always dreamt of, there are small improvements you can do yourself at just a fraction of the cost.

If you have been wanting to make some small changes to your backyard or outdoor area, now is the perfect time to get it all done before spring and summer begins.

Create an outdoor living room
If you have an undercover patio or deck utilise this space as an additional room by adding a comfy outdoor lounge, coffee table, rug etc. A comfy outdoor lounge not only makes an area more inviting but is the perfect spot to relax and enjoy with friends and family.

Add some outdoor cushions, a blanket, or some soft furnishings to create a sense of luxury — alfresco-style!

Of course, if you want to expand on this idea, you can also add more expensive features, such as an outdoor fireplace or a water feature.

Adding privacy to your area
Making your garden private can be easily achieved with no need to spend a fortune on elaborate fencing or walls. The number one solution is growing a hedge that will mature to the height and width that you're after. If you can’t wait, try screening with some lattice. Plant your favourite roses or a variant of vine to create a natural and discreet space.

Update your deck
You will be amazing at what a good clean and fresh coat of stain will do to your deck. By adding a lounge, table and a BBQ you can completely transform the deck and you have yourself the perfect entertaining area!

To begin, give the area a spray with a water blaster to remove any grime and debris, then apply a coat of quick-drying stain or durable paint — whichever you prefer.

Tend to your garden
Inject colour into the space with succulents, hardy flowers and tropical greens that will thrive in Australia’s dry climate. Consider vertical gardens for pocket backyards and small urban areas. These are great for saving water and can come with or without built-in irrigation for a hassle-free space.

Remove / store the clutter
If you have an area to the side of your home, this is often perfect for storing bins, bikes and pots etc. You can purchase small privacy screens, create a vertical garden or even place a few pot plants to block it off from view. If you don’t have the luxury of a side area, investing in bench seats with storage to keep kids toys in or a small storage shed is another great idea to keep your outdoor area looking fabulous.

Giving your backyard a spring clean doesn’t have to be a challenge. Some of the easiest and most cost-effective backyard renovation ideas can offer the greatest enjoyment.

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