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Tips for moving homes with a pet

Written by Ashley Blake

Moving homes can be an exciting yet nervous and sometimes stressful process for us, and our beloved pets are no different. Cats and dogs particularly can find moving house to be a stressful experience as they are familiar with their current everyday environment and look upon it as their ‘space’ or ‘territory’. They know their surrounds, the other pets nearby and neighbouring yards and streets.

You may see a change in your pet’s behaviour as you start preparing to relocate or even after you move. Just like you, they also experience stress when their daily environment and routine is altered. For this reason, you need to take special care of your pets during the transition to get them settled comfortably into your new place.

Prior to moving day
Pack and organise your moving boxes in a single room so that your dog doesn’t chew or damage them or the items within them.
Pack your pet’s essential belongings in a separate bag. This will be helpful for you to get through the moving day and also a few days post move.

Here is the list of items that you need to include to keep your pet happy:
-Poop bag
-Favourite toys
-Something to keep your dog occupied (bones, treats, favourite toys etc.)
-Cat litter
-Water bowls
-Pet food
-A crate, doggy gate or cat carrier

To prepare your pet for moving, start prior to moving day. If possible take your dog to visit the new property prior to moving. Allow them to sniff and have a look around. Giving a treat or feeding a meal at the new house may help to ease some anxiety and familiarise your dog with their new home. Ensure the fence is secure and that your dog has somewhere to shelter when left alone. Bring over some familiar toys and bedding too.

Remember to update your pet’s ID tags and microchip details before you move.

Moving day
One important thing you need to figure out before moving day is a method to keep your pet safe and happy amongst all the moving chaos. Moving day involves a lot of coming and going and open doors, and if you’re not careful, your beloved pet may go walkabout.

On moving day it is best that pets are minded elsewhere to reduce their anxiety and ensure that they are not in the way of the movers. There is also risk that they could escape through open doors whilst furniture is being moved.

If you’re moving interstate with a cat or dog, make sure to check the airline’s rules and regulations beforehand. Transporting pets via plane usually means booking them their own ventilated pet container on board the aircraft in the cargo hold.

After moving day
To help your pet settle in, keep as much as possible to your usual routine of meal and walk times. Spend as much time as possible with your pet to reassure them that you are not going to leave them in this new unfamiliar space on day one.

Some pets find it really difficult to adjust to a new environment. While dogs can usually easily get used to a new home, moving house with a cat can be much more challenging. To help cats adjust easily and faster, you need to maintain consistent mealtimes and a bedtime schedule for them.

To reduce their anxiety, involve them in daily walks and offer them plenty of exercise, attention and playtime daily. Just don’t let them roam around the yard by themselves as they might get lost or run away due to the stress of unfamiliar surroundings.

Moving with pets isn’t a simple task. It requires a considerable amount of effort and patience. We recommend not trying to handle the entire moving process by yourself if you have a pet with you. Hire a professional moving company to make your move relatively easy and smooth. This way your pets will settle in just fine as you’ll be present to look after them and not preoccupied with the move.

SOURCE - and Pet Barn

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