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Essential maintenance jobs for your new home

Written by Ashley Blake
Moving into your new home is an exciting time but it’s also a good time to consider the maintenance jobs you might need to complete to make your home safe, secure and in complete working order.

1. Change the locks
You just never know who has a key to your new home. Whether intentional or unintentional, keys could have been left with former tradespeople, previous owners or prior tenants. Changing your locks is never a bad idea for security and peace of mind.

While you’re at it, don’t forget to change the locks everywhere not just your front and back door like on your garage, windows, gates and any alarm codes as well.

2. Clear your gutters
Don’t wait for the rainy season – check your gutters are in working order as soon as you can. Back this up with a thorough clean and ensure there aren’t any blockages in your drainage pipes or gutters.

3. Change your flexi hoses
Flexi hoses are the plumbing connections to your water-run appliances, such as your washing machine, dishwasher, sinks and toilets. Damaged flexi hoses are also one of the top culprits for causing sudden water damage in a home.

Flexi hoses should be replaced every five years by a licensed plumber. You can have them inspected to see if they’re in working order and get an approximate age reading. Even if they appear fine, it may be worth your while replacing them anyway so you have a starting date from which to schedule future replacements.

4. Take care of problem trees
If you’re concerned about a large tree or overhanging branch at your new house, start to look into what is required to manage any threat to your property.

If the tree is over 4 metres, you will often need a permit from the council, however to help avoid any damages or inconvenience, it’s best to eliminate any trees that may cause issues in the long run.

5. Check your smoke alarms
It is a good idea when you move somewhere new to test and dust your smoke alarms to ensure they’re in tip-top shape.

6. Repair cracked tiles
If you have cracked tiles inside your house, you may not give it another thought. However, they could be indicative of an issue lurking beneath the surface. If unsure, get a professional tiler to come in and take a look, and repair any tile as required.

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