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Taking Care of your Timber and Laminate Floors

Written by Sarah Newton
Both timber and laminate flooring require taking care of. Its relatively simple to maintain your floors, however they do require some attention throughout the year. Below we have given you some tips to make sure you are doing what you can to maintain your floors.

Timber Floors
Cleaning Tips
•Sweep the floor to remove any large particles, sand or grit.
•Follow up using Swiffer Sweeper, electrostatic mop or similar. This will help remove small particles of
dust from the floor.
•Make two passes over the floor with the sweeper.
•Sweep all dust and grit into a dustpan and dispose of it.
•Fill a paint tray with a wood cleaner or denatured alcohol. For stubborn stains you may need to use a Ph Neutral floor cleaner as per manufacturer’s instructions.
•Remove the dust cloth from the Swiffer and toss in garbage or use a dust free cloth and dip into the cleaning solution.
•Make several passes over the floor.

What not to do
•Do not use a vacuum cleaner with a hard surface, only us a soft cleaning head.
•Do not use water or steam on timber floor boards.
•Do not use common household detergents, polishes, steel wool pads, wax or similar products.

Laminate Floors
Laminate timber look floors require special care and cleaning. Laminate flooring must ONLY be cleaned using a vacuum cleaner soft head to avoid scratching. Followed by a dry mop with a floor wipe cleaning system such as the Dettol Floor wipe cleaning system or similar. Water, common household detergents, polishes, steel wool pads, wax or similar should NOT be used on this type of flooring.

Timber and Laminate Floors
•Place protective pads on the legs of furniture to prevent scratching and damage to the timber floorboards.
•Use rugs where possible.
•Remember it is your responsibility to return the property with the floor boards in the same condition as the ingoing condition report (subject to fair wear and tear).

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