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Cleaning hacks for pet owners

Written by Sarah Newton
Do you love your furry friend but hate the mess they leave behind? We have created a list of pet cleaning hacks to keep your home cleaner and smelling fresh.

1. Use rubber gloves
With a pair of rubber gloves you can remove your pets hair with ease. With your gloves the fur will instantly stick to your fingertips. Once you have collected all the fur, place the gloves in the sink to remove the fur from the gloves and the fur will float to the surface. Then gather it all together and throw the fur in the rubbish bin.

2. Get a damp cloth or sponge
Another simple way to remove pet fur from soft surfaces is with a damp cloth, sponge or baby wipe. You will find the fur will quickly gather in clumps, and the fur will remove with ease.

3. Use lint rollers
If you need to remove pet fur from your house a lint roller is a great way to remove fur quickly. It might not completely get rid of the fur, however is a great solution before having guests over.

4. Vacuum your pet
Get the fur off your pet before it even has the chance to spread all over your home. You can now buy pet friendly attachments from brands such as Dyson which gently take excess fur off your pets coat. If your pet doesn’t like the idea of being vacuumed you could try standing a few centimeters away for less impact.

5. Keep bicarb soda handy
If you let your pet sleep in your bed and find there is still an odour after washing your sheets, next time add some bi carb soda to eliminate any unwanted smells.

Another bicarb soda trick is to put it underneath your cats litter tray. This once again will remove any unwanted smells in your home.

6. Regularly clean their collar
Collars can get very smelly fairly quickly. To clean them, soak the collar in very hot water with a few squirts of pet friendly shampoo, leave it to soak for 15 minutes and then rub the collar to remove any excess dirt before placing it in the sun to dry.

7. Wash hard toys in the dishwasher
First make sure the toy is dishwasher safe, and instead of using detergent use white vinegar instead. Now all you have to do is get your pet to let their favourite toy go!

8. Wash soft toys in the washing machine
If you put soft toys in a garment bag and run them on a hot cycle with a pet friendly detergent you should be able to make your pets toys smell as good as new. If you can’t find a pet friendly detergent you can use a sprinkle of bi carb soda on the toys and add a cup of white vinegar to the load.

9. Use citrus to deter your dog
Dogs do not like citrus fruits, so to stop them from digging up your garden scatter some orange peels around your soil.

10. Use oil
By rubbing olive oil on the inside of your pets food bowl it can make cleaning easier later as the oil will stop wet food from drying up and sticking to the bowl.

Clove oil is also very useful as it stops your pet from chewing on your belongings. Rubbing clove oil on chair legs or your favourite pair of shoes will stop your pet from chewing because of the bitter taste clove oil has.

11. Remove scratch marks with oil and vinegar
With ¾ oil and ¼ cup vinegar, wipe over the damaged area whilst concentrating on the scratched or scuffed area. This should remove any claw marks made from your pet

12. Clear urine stains
Accidents happen and sometimes your furry friend mistakes your carpet for their toilet. To remove the stain, blot the area with a clean towel to absorb as much of the liquid as possible, then make a solution of ½ water and ½ white vinegar. Pour this onto the stain and brush over it, then pour bicarb soda and create a bubbling mound. Leave the bicarb soda for a few minutes, wipe over, vacuum and the stain should be gone.

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