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Common Cleaning Mistakes

Written by Sarah Newton
Deep cleaning your home can be painful, but are you making this chore harder for yourself than necessary? Here are some mistakes to avoid while cleaning your home.

Cleaning without a plan
If you are trying to deep clean your home, a common mistake is to just dive in with no plan of action. This often leads to most rooms half cleaned. Its a good idea to start from the top of the house and work your way down, or start from one side of the house and make your way across.

Cleaning floor to ceiling
Starting by mopping or vacuuming the floor is definitely not the right way to start. If you are cleaning the room and moving things around, you are bound to create a mess in the process. It will also be easier to mop or vacuum once everything is put away and in their correct spots for easier access to a majority of the floor space.

Using weak cleaning products for tough jobs
Different jobs will require difference cleaning products. A majority of people will stick to the all purpose cleaning products, however when dealing with tough grime you will require stronger cleaners.

Using one cloth for the entire house
The more you clean with your cloth, the dirtier it gets. When wiping surfaces for example, the dirt you picked up from one area will be spread to another, even if you can't see it. Reusable cloths are a great idea so you can easily wash them and continue using them.

Drying surfaces with paper towels
Whilst paper towels can still get the job done, cleaning with cotton or microfiber cloths are more efficient and they wont leave lint behind.

Not ventilating your home
Opening windows and doors to let air out is very important whilst cleaning and using chemicals. Ventilating your home will make it easier to breathe while using a variety of cleaning products.

Mixing chemicals from different products
Mixing chemicals can create very harmful fumes. A majority of the time you don't really know whats in the cleaning products you are using and how they will react together.

Vacuuming pet fur without an attachment
If you are struggling to get rid of pet fur you might be using your vacuum the wrong way. If you aren't using an attachment it is very likely you are just blowing fur around a room.

Waiting until the vacuum is full before replacing it
Newer vacuum cleaners will have an indicator that will tell you when to change the bag. However, older vacuums don't and allowing a vacuum to fill up will affect its performance.

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