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Tips for Apartment Living with Pets

Written by Sarah Newton
There are many considerations pet owners must undertake if they are living in an apartment. Ensuring you and your pet are comfortable is an essential part to apartment living.

1. Choose Carefully
You will need to look into whether your apartment allows pets or not. If you have a dog or a pet that needs to roam, ensuring there is an outside space might be ideal for you. This outside space could include having a balcony, a communal area or being near a dog park. This all depends on the type of pet you have and their needs.

If you do have a balcony, ensure its pet safe. If you have a cat for example you may want to make sure your cat will be secure and unable to jump off or fall over the edge of the balcony. If you have a ground floor apartment you will also want to ensure that your pet is secure within the garden.

2. Consider your Pets Breed
You need to be realistic and understand that not all pets are appropriate for apartment living. Most dogs will struggle with living in such a confined space. An active dog needs to burn their energy throughout the day and a small apartment wont be practical.

3. Keep it Clean
It is your responsibility to clean up after your pet, and if you have a dog with no outside area you will need to consider where you will take your pet to relieve themselves. Be considerate of your neighbours and don't let your pet use the front lawn as their personal toilet, try to take them down the road or to the closest park.

4. Shorten the Leash
Obviously when you take your pet out for a walk its a great idea to have a long leash. However, when you are walking down the complex's hallway or standing in the lift, a shorter leash can prevent your pet from straying and staying away from any neighbours that are not as comfortable with your pet as you are.

5. Connect with your Pet
Along with the requirements of providing your pet with attention, mental stimulation and physical exercise, you also need to understand your pet. Make sure there is somewhere your pet will feel comfortable to sleep, if there is space for a litter tray, places to climb high, somewhere to eat and that they will feel safe. The better you understand your pet, the better you can anticipate their behaviour in your home.

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