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Are you thinking about renovating?

Written by Ashley Blake
If you have been thinking of renovating, there is no better time than now! As we head into the cooler months, it's a great time to start planning your renovation over winter, aiming to be complete in time for a spring sale.

Whether you’re after a new look through a cosmetic makeover or have an allocated budget to improve your home, it’s important to know what kind of renovation can be achieved with different budgets.

Some rooms require a bigger budget than others, for example wet areas such as kitchen and bathrooms are always going to be much more expensive than bedrooms and lounge rooms as they require water proofing, tiling etc. These areas will also require trades people such as cabinet makers, electricians and plumbers which all add to the bill!

To keep the costs down when renovating a bathroom, you can instead replace the taps, shower heads and shower screens yourself as these can be picked up at a reasonable price at places like Bunnings and local hardware stores.

As the most used room of the home, there should be serious thought and research put into what you want in your kitchen. Think about where you want your appliances, how much bench space you need, who will be cooking in the kitchen, how much storage do you require etc? These questions will ultimately help you decide on the design and functionality of your new kitchen.

When thinking about a bedroom makeover always start with a style or theme. You can re-vamp a bedroom with a new coat of paint, bedspread, cushions and some modern decor items at very little cost. The same goes for rooms such as the lounge room and dining room. Unless you are knocking out walls and actually changing the space, you can create a whole new look and feel by just changing or adding some fresh new items and furniture.

A more expensive option but big-impact is to replace your carpet with floorboards or tiles. This option can be pricey if you are working with a big area but it can completely transform the space and instantly add value to your home.

The most important thing before you renovate is to research what you need and want in your home and who will be the best to help you achieve this. Our team have lots of fantastic trades people who we regularly recommend to clients and are more than happy to pass these details onto you.

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