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Recent Buying Selling Lifestyle

First Impressions count

Written by Ashley Blake
It may seem obvious but it needs to be said that the first impression you have of a property is definitely the most important and what will ultimately stick in your mind. The property may be in a great location and the perfect size but come open day if you're presented with a dark, dull and lifeless home your immediate reaction will most probably be negative and often people can't see past this.

This is why it is so important to present your home in the best way possible to prospective buyers and showcase all the properties best features (and minimise it's flaws). Homes should be tidy and presentable on both the inside and out. Remember the exterior is just as important as often people will do a drive by before they come to the open home.

If there's one thing you take from this blog, let it be "light and airy". Make sure the blinds are always up, allowing natural light to flood through the home. If you're home is on the market in the warmer months, open up the windows, if it's cooler then make the home comfortable and cosy with heating. It's so important that you make the property feel like a home, this will allow buyers to really connect with the property and imagine themselves and their family living there.

Another given is to clear away the clutter and highlight the true space of rooms. Excess furniture will only make the areas look smaller than what they really are. Most buyers don't come to an open with a measuring tape, so they judge a space purely on how it appears and if its crowded with furniture they don't get a true indication of it's size or potential.

Try and stick to neutral tones through out the home. Everyone has different taste in decorating, so applying a neutral tone throughout the home in whites and soft grey's will appeal to the wider market.

Finally, put yourself in the buyers shoes, what would you be impressed with if you were inspecting a home for the first time and similarly what would you be turned away by! If you keep this mind set, you will stay on the right track!

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