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A Seasonal Home Maintenance Guide to Keep Your House in Check

Written by Sarah Newton
As the seasons change, your house maintenance routine should also change. The weather has a major impact on how we need to maintain our homes, inside and out.

Maintaining your home year round should be a high priority throughout the year to ensure not only you but your family members are living in a safe and clean environment. Below we will give you some great tips on how to maintain your home throughout the seasons.


Firstly, remember to stay on top of mould and mildew. Mould thrives in hot and humid conditions, during summer and spring make sure to lookout for rooms with these environments. Typical rooms in a household to look out for include the basement, attic, garage and bathroom as this is where mould and mildew is highly likely to grow at rapid rates. If you do find mould or mildew anywhere within the home, make sure to remove it as soon as possible.

Make sure you clean air vents and service air conditioners. Cleaning your air vents is very important as dust builds up and leaves room for vermin and insects to hide. With air conditioning units, its always best to hire a professional for servicing. This is something you'll want to stay on top of to ensure that the cool air keeps running throughout those hot summer days.

Remember to service your refrigerator and clean your washing machine. A thorough servicing of your refrigerator and washing machine is necessary to maintain the appliance. If your washing machine or refrigerator is under performing it may need serving or could be a result of not maintaining the appliance with regular cleaning.

During summer and spring, usually there is more dust and debris in the air, this is why its important to, clean your home exteriors. . A quick wash or wipe down, at the very least, is much needed to clean the outside of your home and reduce the amount of dust and debris coming into the home.


During autumn you will definitely notice the extra leaves in your outside areas. Yard Maintenance is important not only for the aesthetic appeal, but an unkept garden/yard will attract insects and vermin which will make their way into your home. Yard maintenance includes but not limited to, raking leaves, trimming hedges and cleaning out rain gutters.

Make sure to Deep clean your garbage disposal. We often forget to clean anything that is used to dispose of garbage because, after all, it’s rubbish! However, it’s absolutely imperative to deep clean your garbage disposal as the buildup of bacteria makes for a very unsanitary environment. The use of baking soda and white vinegar is advised for a natural, deep clean of your garbage disposal.

Service your gas range/stove. In order to avoid leaks and blockages in your gas pipes, regular servicing is a must. Remember, it is very important to take care of appliances that run on gas as it can be hazardous if not maintained.

We all love a hot shower and making sure you service your water heater will allow this. Servicing of the unit must be carried out so that it doesn’t burn out or encounter any problems. Remember, we don't just use hot water for showering but cleaning as well.


During the winter, Look for dampness in or around your home and increase your home’s ventilation. Your walls and ceilings may encounter dampness due to potential cracks in the foundation, broken pipes or clogged gutters. It’s important to do a thorough inspection of your home’s interiors and exteriors to ensure that there isn’t, in fact, any dampness weakening your home’s foundation. To reduce the chances of dampness, make sure your home stays ventilated by opening windows wherever possible.

Keep a check on your water pipes. Harsh winters can damage your water pipes and lead to costly repairs. If there are any cracks or leaks in the pipes, immediate action is highly advised to avoid pipes bursting (due to the water pressure).

Remember, keeping your house well maintained and clean throughout the year means having to do so per the season’s requirements. So, use this seasonal home maintenance guide from here on out to keep your house in the best possible condition!

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