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Renovations on a shoestring - how to impact your home, not your wallet

Written by Sarah Newton
Renovating your home does not always mean committing to a huge dent in your wallet. Whether you are trying to increase the value to sell, or make it a more comfortable place for you to live, there are plenty of ways you can fix up a house that don’t cost a lot of money.

Here are our top five budget-friendly renovation tips:

1. Declutter and clean

Before making any decisions on renovating your home it’s a good idea to clean and declutter. This will allow you to see the space you are working with and have a clearer view about what needs updating. Once the clutter is removed you may find that already the house is looking more desirable. Sometimes by simply rearranging furniture and storing belongings in a different way, rooms suddenly become larger and the space becomes more pleasing to the eye.

2. Do It Yourself

YouTube videos will soon become your best friend when renovating on a budget. There are both big and small changes you can make yourself that will make a lasting impact. The most obvious ‘big’ change is a fresh coat of paint. It is amazing how the right paint can enhance and brighten a home. Equally important but less obvious are the ‘small’ changes you can make. Examples include:

· Replacing the handles on cabinets in your kitchen and bathroom
· Updating tapware
· Refreshing towels/bedspreads/curtains or rugs

All of these things can completely change of the look of the room for very little cost.

3. Second hand rehabs

Keep your eye out for bargains on websites such eBay, Gumtree or Marketplace. Here you can snag a bargain for new and used furniture, home accessories and décor that may fit perfectly in your home for a fraction of the cost.

4. Retain the footprint

Renovations start getting tricky and expensive when you start moving sinks/showers/toilets/walls or windows. If you can, it is best to keep the footprint of your home the same, especially if you are sticking to a tight budget. Plumbing and electrical work is probably not an area you can just YouTube (although there are plenty of “professionals” who have posted a few DIY videos…beware!).

5. Shop around

When renovating don’t be afraid to compare prices and negotiate with tradespeople to get the best outcome. Often there is a large disparity between quotes so it makes sense to get at a minimum two (three is better) quotes for work to be completed.

With careful planning, thoughtful design and a lot a blood, sweat and tears, renovation projects can be both rewarding and lucrative. Every project is different and can present challenges and opportunities accordingly. The most important thing to remember in undertaking any renovation is always keeping in mind your strategy (be it to sell or stay) and of course sticking to your budget!

For further tips and tricks on renovating your home, speak with your local agent.

SOURCE: Real Estate Results Network

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