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We're 2019 ARERA's Finalists!

Written by Tearne Madden

We are proud to announce we are Finalists in six award categories for the 13th Annual Australasian Real Estate Results Awards (ARERAs) including:
* Boutique Agency of the Year
* Property Management Team of the Year
* Digital Excellence Agency of the Year
* Marketing Campaign of the Year - David Newton and Ian Gray
* Support Star of the Year – Kelly Lang
* Office Manager of the year - Lyn Clisdell

The ARERA’s are Real Estate Results Network’s annual award ceremony to recognise, celebrate and congratulate the achievements of the leading independent agencies across Australia and New Zealand.

The ARERA’s celebrate the results we have enjoyed over the last 12 months, being honoured and announced as a Finalist is a huge accomplishment and one we are very happy to share with you!

What is Real Estate Results Network?

Real Estate Results Network (RERN) is the leading Network of highly innovative and progressive Independent Real Estate Agencies across Australia and New Zealand. Developed by Australia’s leading business strategist and real estate coach, Michael Sheargold, the Network offers a select group of real estate professionals access to the most advanced complete business learning and development systems in the industry.

What does it mean for You?

For many people, looking to buy or sell is a challenging task. Knowing which agency and team will give you the best advice and guidance throughout the buying and selling process can be daunting. When you appoint Newton Real Estate you are dealing with an agency whose operational standards have been validated by an external organisation; RER Network.

As a RER Network Member, Newton Real Estate invest more in training and development than 99% of all real estate professionals. This means we train to attain better buyer management, seller management, negotiation and communication skills - all aspects of the business that impact massively on the achievement of your property goals.

The real benefit to you is that Newton Real Estate team members are supported by some of the top performing leaders and business coaches in Australia and New Zealand through our connections within the Network.

What does it mean to be an ARERA’s Finalist?

The fact that Newton Real Estate are now recognised as Finalists in the Australasian Real Estate Results Awards across these six Finalist Categories means we are amongst the highest performers in the Network. Based on the calibre of agents and agencies in the Network, it could be said we’re amongst the highest performers in the Australian real estate industry.

Thank you for your continued support and wish us luck in Sydney on February 25th at the ARERA’s!

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