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How to avoid cheapening your home

Written by Ashley Blake
First impressions count! The way a home is styled can have a huge effect on how it is perceived by prospective buyers and ultimately make or break a sale!

Creating a thoughtfully styled home takes time, but a few subtle mistakes can instantly cheapen your home. Knowing what looks best where and with what is so important when opening your home to buyers and trying to get the best possible price.

Tips to keep in minding when creating a homely haven:

• Before adding a new piece of furniture to your room, pay close attention to the size and height of the existing decor. Make sure all elements of the room relate to each other and compliment one another.

• It’s easy to spot expensive artwork, likewise it’s just as easy to point out a cheap print purchased from the local $2 store! If you can’t bear to part with your existing artwork, pay attention to the frame. Using a uniformed frame material like silver or wood through out the room can instantly change the look of the artwork.

• One of the most overlooked aspects of a room is lighting. Poor lighting can make a gorgeous room into a dark, dull and uninviting space. Lighting fixtures can be updated at a low cost and they can totally transform and improve the overall aesthetics of the room.

• An easy fix is ditching dated bathroom accessories such as grandma’s floral toilet seat cover and fluffy toilet rugs! As well as being highly unsanitary, they look unsightly and shouldn’t be seen anywhere. There are plenty of inexpensive bathroom accessories available at homewares stores that will instantly lift and modernise a dated bathroom without doing a full renovation.

• Carefully styled accessories can give your home character, but too many can look chaotic. If a room is over-cluttered it looks cheap even if the accessories have cost you a fortune. The best advice is to start with an empty room (if possible) and arrange in sets of uneven numbers and clump small items on trays.

Most importantly use your imagination, think outside the box and gather ideas from websites, magazines and friends homes to transform your house into a home.

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