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Preparing your home for a Spring sale

Written by Ashley Blake
Traditionally in real estate, Spring is seen to be the optimum time to list and sell your property. In saying that however, our team have had some of our biggest months in winter, so it really depends on what the market is doing at the time. The warmer weather along with longer, brighter days certainly helps buyers become more motivated to get out and about on the weekends.

If you are thinking of selling your home in the coming months, here are a few things you can do to prepare your home:
1. Spring clean – Air your house out, open all windows, give it a thorough clean including the blinds, carpet, cupboards etc
2. De clutter – pack away or throw out all the odds and ends laying around the home. This will create a sense of space and be much more appealing to buyers
3. Freshen up with a coat of paint – Stick to light, neutral colours
4. Finish any repairs – Now is the time to make any improvements both inside and out
5. Most important, chat to our team – We will advise what your home is worth, the best marketing strategy and how to get you the best result!

We are often asked what are the top things owners can do to add value to their home. Obviously large scale renovations in the bathroom and kitchen will instantly add value but there are lots of small, inexpensive ways to increase the homes value as well:
1. A fresh coat of paint
2. De clutter
3. Add new kitchen cupboards and knobs
4. Create an outdoor living space
5. Create a welcoming entrance, ensure your garden is neat and tidy and there is street appeal

In regards to the way the property is marketed, any campaign that really showcases the properties best features is going to be successful. Of course it goes without saying the pricing strategy and how it is positioned in the market place amongst other similar properties will always be a major factor. There’s an old saying, ‘You can’t sell a secret’ and this rings very true in the real estate world. A combination of both online and print marketing is always going to attract the most buyers.

It's often a very difficult decision as to whether you sell or stay and it really depends on the owners situation. The market has dramatically changed from this time 12 months ago, so my advice would be if you’re ready to sell now, contact our team and get the ball rolling! Don’t wait for a particular time of year as waiting even a few months could see the market change even more.

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