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What to fix before going on the market

Written by Ashley Blake
When the time comes to sell your home, particularly if it’s an older property, the last thing you want is potential buyers making a list of the things they’ll need to fix if they purchase it.

Those barriers, however small they may be, could be the difference between having a few extra bidders at auction to help drive the price up, or those same potential buyers walking away because they don’t want to play Mr. Fix-it once they move in.

Here are five things you should consider fixing before putting your home on the market.

The first impression
It’s important that the property makes a good impression on people as they arrive, or drive past. If buyers are turned off before they even get in the house, it’s going to be a lot harder to find the right buyer.

That means fixing fences or anything that’s visibly amiss from the street.
Street appeal is obviously a big thing. Spend $100 to replace an old rusty letterbox and straightening up broken or falling down fences can make a huge difference.

The walls
It’s cheap, it’s relatively easy and it will almost certainly pay for itself, come auction or sale time – a fresh coat of paint to fix any blemishes or a tired décor will make a world of difference.

The floors
How’s your carpet looking? If it’s significantly worn, stained or damaged, you should look at either replacing it, or pulling it up if there are floorboards beneath.

If the carpet isn’t in great condition and there are floorboards underneath, that can be quite an affordable option, because you won’t be paying for materials, just labour, because you’re just ripping up the carpet.

Potential hazards
Over the years you’ve probably learned to avoid that rogue paver or brick that sticks out slightly from your garden path. In fact, you’ve probably forgotten it’s there.

But first-time visitors to your home will almost certainly find a way to trip on it, so you should fix anything that could trip or impede people as they walk through the house.

The roof
Leaks or missing tiles will be among the first things that are picked up in a building and pest inspection, so if you know there are issues there, get ahead of the game and fix it now.

Re-doing an entire roof isn’t cheap, but an obviously damaged roof will either deter buyers, or cause them to look for other defective areas throughout the home.

If the roof is in poor condition and there are missing tiles or leaks or anything like that that people always thought they’d get fixed, this is a good time to do it.

If you have any questions on what other things you could be doing to get your home ready to sell, we would love to chat to you! You can contact our team at any time on 9524 0777!

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