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Merry Christmas from the Newton Team

Written by Ashley Blake
As 2017 quickly comes to a close, we look back on what a fantastic year it was and look forward to another great year in 2018! We have absolutely loved helping all our wonderful owners sell their homes as well as finding our buyers their dream home! The Newton Team have so many exciting things in store for 2018 and we can't wait to start sharing them with you early in the new year, so make sure you stay tuned! From our team to your family, we would like to wish you all a very Merry Christmas, a happy New Year and a safe and relaxing holiday break!

We stumbled across this great blog on on some very handy tips and Christmas lunch ideas to help you enjoy the day without pulling your hair out!

Plan your non-perishables and order a ham
Don’t wait until your annual leave begins to get your Christmas lunch menu in order. Get a few of the basic ingredients early and book a Christmas ham for the lunch. If you can, pre-order some fresh prawns to be picked up on Christmas eve.

It’s also handy to confirm RSVP’s so you can pre-purchase the champagne and beer. Buy plenty of soda water and juice for those who aren’t drinking, and for those why may need a non-alcoholic break so they don’t get too carried away with booze.

Platters look beautiful and are super easy
Antipasto platters are one of the most popular Christmas lunch ideas, yet simple canapés to offer guests as they arrive. As everyone grabs their first glass of champagne, you can pull out the antipasto ingredients you’ve stored in one area of the fridge. Decant the artichokes, olives, and sun-dried tomatoes into little bowls, and arrange the cold meats around the board. Lastly, slap on the cheese with a cheese knife and scatter some crackers.

Place the boards at strategic areas around the room, and people can help themselves while you put the finishing touches on the main meal.

Keep your home and the menu cold for Australian Christmas
‘Christmas lunch Australia’ is nothing like Christmas lunch in the rest of the world. Temperatures are usually sky high on Christmas day, and no guest wants to be stuck in a dining room as the oven creates suffocating heat in the kitchen. A traditional Christmas lunch isn’t necessarily a perfect Christmas lunch. Choose cold, yet beautiful Christmas favourites instead, and you’re guests will be far more comfortable.

Preparing your home for Christmas lunch
Firstly, clear any non-essential furniture out of the dining room, and set the table on Christmas Eve so you’re not rushing while you’re trying to manage food preparation on the big day.

Next, clear out all the spaces you plan on using to entertain by placing your home’s other furniture and knick knacks in another room.

Lastly, keep your decorations simple and in-keeping with a theme. If you have a small home, choose silver, gold and white to open up the space and prevent your guests from feeling crowded. Try taping a paper outline of a Christmas tree, or string fairy lights into the shape of a tree on your wall if you don’t have space for a real Christmas tree.

If you have a larger area and you prefer traditional red and green decorations, hang them clear of seats and stools so usable space is available for guests.

Christmas lunch can feel stressful, but it doesn’t need to be if you plan ahead and only serve what you can manage. Buy as much as you can ahead of time, and ignore the tradition of serving a hot lunch so you can enjoy more time with your guests instead of being buried in the kitchen.

Merry Christmas!!!

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