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Reasonable Excuse To Inspect A Property

Written by Susan Titmuss

Current as at 24 August 2021, and subject to change by the NSW Government

In support of the announcement by the NSW State Government to limit the spread of Covid-19, we would like to assure you we are working together to follow the restrictions put in place by the government so we can all play a part in controlling the spread of the Coronovirus.
During this time, we would like to reassure you that inspecting a property is a “Reasonable Excuse” to leave home.

Below is an excerpt from the NSW government website which details this.

Moving House

A reasonable excuse is if you need to

• Move to a new place of residence within Greater Sydney or
• Move between different places of residence within Greater Sydney or
• Inspect a potential new place of residence within Greater Sydney

From Monday 16 August 2021 it is a reasonable excuse for you to

• Move to a different place of residence outside Greater Sydney if
- You are moving for work, and other people (such as the people you live with) do not move with you or
- The movement is for urgent maintenance or repairs or animal welfare and only one person moves to the other place of residence to attend to the urgent need
• Inspect a potential new place of residence outside Greater Sydney if you
• Have a genuine intention to move to and live at the new place of residence as soon as practicable (not an investment property) or
• Are moving to a new place of residence outside Greater Sydney

From 21 August 2021, you need a permit issued by Service NSW in order to move between residences, relocate or inspect a residence outside Greater Sydney.

Additionally, we are able to assist our clients during this time by offering.

• Private Inspections – One person at a time. Please contact our agents to organise an appointment for a private inspection.
• Pre-settlement inspections – These are still able to be conducted during this time.
• Inspections will always be conducted observing Covid safe practices.
• Online Auctions – For more information about how to attend and participate in an online auction, please contact our agents.

If you have any questions regarding how we can help you with your property search during this time, please contact David Newton on 0408 242 717, Ian Gray on 0419 170 685 or Lochie Craig on 0408 211 780.

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