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Is Property Styling a Good Investment?

Written by Adrienne Waller
Are you thinking of selling your home? If so, there is one question you are probably asking yourself. Should we have our property styled professionally? You have probably noticed that a lot of the homes advertised for sale on the market look well presented and styled. This is because they are making a positive investment to get the highest possible sales price for their home.

So why hire a Property Stylist?

It has been proven that Property Styling increases your sales price by at least 10%. So if you are looking at an average home of $1m, that is a possible extra $100,000!! An investment of between $3,000 to $7,000, returning $100,000 is a smart one, don't you think?

When a Property Stylist visits your home it is being viewed through new eyes. You have lived there for years and are used to the extra pieces of furniture, photos and nic nacs around the house. You have sentimental pieces around your home that make it exactly that. YOUR HOME! But you want someone to walk in and feel like it could be THEIR HOME.

We suggest moving any large, clunky pieces of furniture and clutter that are either overcrowding the home by making it appear smaller or distracting the buyer from the key assets of your home. Taking down all of the personal photos, children's artworks and more personal pieces around the home also allows the buyer to see themselves in this home.

The key goal is to evoke an emotional response from the buyer. You want them to walk into your home and fall in love. You want it to 'feel like home' to them, to see themselves sitting in that armchair in the sun near the window reading a book, or out on the back patio entertaining guests.

Property Styling is extremely important for your photographic imagery in your printed and internet advertising as well. This is the first way a buyer will see your home and decide if it is something they want to take time out of their day to look at.

Recently a client said that while she was out looking she found a home she fell in love with and had to have! It had been fully styled by a local property stylist company and all she could see was the gorgeous pieces of modern furniture and artworks she loved! She wanted a home just like that!!

At Newton Real Estate we understand that selling your home can be stressful. Hiring a professional to handle the presentation side of the sale will definitely take a lot of pressure off yourself to concentrate on the other things you may need to do like gardening or repairs.

Remember when Property Stylists are presenting your home they are styling it to appeal to the widest audience possible. You may love your style, but it may not appeal to everyone. They tailor the furniture and accessories to a particular style which will appeal to your target market. Whether that be downsizers, young families or couples. They will go through each room discussing its pros and cons and discuss the best way to present your home for sale. As well as providing partial and full property styling options, they can also offer advice regarding decluttering and de-personalising your home.

So, if you are thinking of selling, hopefully this article has helped explain some of the advantages of having your property styled for sale.

Haven Interiors & Styling is one of our preferred stylists and a special offer of a free in home consultation + 2 extra weeks styling for free is available for users of our free Newton App, please click here to download it.

Source: Katrina Lumsden - Haven interiors & Styling

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